Наші друзі литовці запрошують

Lithuanian marketiers and agencies are standing with you!
We are creating a lot of initiatives and support campaigns to support Ukraine.
I’m writing about one of them. We call to invite professionals from Ukraine to our companies or agencies (creative, digital, PR, social media, media, graphic design, etc.) For this purpose, we created a simple document. Companies are filling the information if they have the possibility to open the doors.
A link to the document: https://bit.ly/3HpHmdz
Hiring Ukrainian talents: advertising & communication
Lithuania Website,Specialty,Available positions, level and language,Work place: office/ remote,Contact details,Based in,Notes Metamark,<a href=”https://www.metamark.lt/“>https://www.metamark.lt</a>,Web Development Services,WordPress Developers (EN) / Web Designers (EN),Hybrid / Office / Remote,…
 (it’s an open document, so it’s just for companies to fill the open jobs).
We are still looking for the prosses how to make cooperation efective in both sides (selection and recruitment procedures).
So now we are filling all open positions in Europe cities and remote. We will share the list and all other information with you for the sharing with marketing community very soon.
Best wishes, CEO of LiMA Alvydė Palaimaitė
Lithuanian marketing association (LiMA) J.Galvydžio g. 3-309,
LT – 08236 Vilnius